Programs and Workshops


Dimensional Dance’s program and workshops are listed below.  Please contact Ruth Lewis for further details at

Dance History Live: From Classical to Contemporary

This hour long program features 8 members of Dimensional Dance performing the history of dance from classical ballet to contemporary dance, and explains how we went from dancing on our toes to dancing on our heads!  The program showcases high octane hip-hop, beautiful pointe work, modern, and fun jazz.



Phenomenal Woman

This is our newest contemporary dance piece and showcases four of our phenomenal dancers set the music Phenomenal Woman inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem by the same name.




The Muses

The performance  features three Dimensional Dance members in a shorter version of Dance History Live.  This program does not include hip-hop dancing.

Chloe in penche - Copy

Dancers: Elisa Wharton, Jane Krantz, Chloë Knopf      Photo: Defy



Moving through Math:  In this 50 minute workshop, Ruth Lewis helps kindergarten through second graders use their bodies to understand math concepts and explore operations and algebraic thinking kinesthetically.

making a box


Phenomenal People: Perseverance and Growth Mindset- This kinesthetic health and wellness one hour workshop led by director Ruth Lewis explores the poetry  of Maya Angelou through movement and choreography.  Appropriate for grades 3-6.

Walking dance

We Rise: Social Justice Through Movement-Students explore social justice through the pillars of teaching tolerance and through movement and choreography by bringing poetry to life.  Appropriate for grades 7-12.

Dimension of Hope: Social Justice Through the Arts- Ruth Lewis leads this 3 to 10 day collaborative residency exploring social justice through movement and choreography, ultimately choreographing their own pieces, culminating with students sharing their work in an informance (more emphasis on the process than the performance).  This collaboration includes team meetings with the teachers.  This is appropriate for grades 7-12.

All our programs involve audience participation in dance and movement!