Ms. Lewis choreographs contemporary and classical dance to meet the individual needs of organizations. 

Choreography by Ms. Lewis:

Eras in Essence Dimensional Dance, premiere University of Saint Joseph, October 2016

Lewis HartImage2

Allison Pearsall, Kirsten Glaser, Matisse Madden, Elisa Wharton Photo Chris Noll

The Muses Dimensional Dance, Sections 1-5, October 2015

trioMatisse Madden, Katie Schenker, Kirsten Glaser  Photo: Andy Hart

Grease, School version, Avon Middle School Spring 2016

I want You Back, Avon Middle School September 2015

The Muses, Dimensional Dance June 2015

Jersey Boys, Avon MIddle School Boys Choir, March 2015

He Lives in You, Avon MIddle School Dancers, December 2014

The Muses, Porters Dancers, October 2014

Body and Soul, Asylum Hill Congregational Church, August 2014

O Squared, Dimensional Dance, Porters Dancers, February 2014

Arabesque Arthur Fink PhotographyFhi B-Ado, Chloe Knopf, Kirsten Glaser, Arthur Fink Photograhy

Moving through Motion and Sound, Alcott Elementary School, with L’Ana Burton and the 4th and 5th grade students from Mrs. Demchak and Ms. Toth’s class, Dec 2013

Peaceable Kingdom Duet, 5×5 Dance Festival October 2013

Peaceable KIngdom, October 2013 Avon LIbrary

When the World Finds Peace performed by students at the Discovery Bound Arts Weekend, New York City, September 2013

Guest teacher, New York City, September 2013

Thou Art My Vision, Avon Congregational Church June 2013

As Light Through Leaves, Liturgical Ministry Rocky Hill Congregational Church May 2013

Peaceable Kingdom, May 2013 St Joseph College, West Hartford, CT

Peaceable Kingdom, March 2013 Ted Hershey Dance Festival

Peaceable Kingdom, February 2013, commissioned by the Hill-Stead Museum bringing Antoine-Louise Baryes sculptures to life

Blood Diamond Rocks, October 2012

Iconography-2 Matisse Madden, Arien Wilkerson

Cygnets Deconstructed, June 2012

Ode to Joy-Rocky Hill Congregational Church, April 2012 

Wyeth: Looking Beyond-commissioned by the Wadsworth Atheneum performed April 2012

 Matisse Madden and Arien Wilkerson Davis Photo Graphics

M-Theory Beyond String Theory-performed by Ballet Theatre Company(2011)

Performance Brooke Wasserman, Lisa Fitzgerald, Ashley Fichera

Photo: Jeffrey Lewis       

Marzipan- “Nutcracker Sweet and Spicy”    

Christina’s World- performed by CONNetic Dance(2010)

Langston Fishburne, Carolyn Paine, Yoshio Chandler

Photo: Nick Caito    

General Relativity-performed by Dimensional Dance for Ted Hershey Dance Festival(2012)

Amazing Grace-Rocky Hill Congregational Church(2011)

M Theory-performed by Dimensional Dance at Dance New Amsterdam,  New York City(2010)

The Gift-performed by dancers and guest artist at Valley Community Baptist Church(2010)

Tell Out My Soul- performed by Dimensional Dance at West Hartford Congregational Church(2010) 

Christina’s World performed by CONNetic Dance (2010)

Alice in Wonderland, “Tea Party Scene” performed by CONNetic Dance (2010)

Langson Fishburne, Mollie Petrizzio

Photo: Nick Caito

Choreography to “We Are Family” performed by Middle School select Chorus(2011); “I Sing the Body Electric” and “God I Hope I Get It “ performed by  Middle School select dancers (2010)

Simple Gifts-performed by Ruth Lewis at West Hartford Congregational Church(2009)

Maypole dance for  Elementary School (2008,2009, 2010)

Used to Be performed by Ballet Theatre Company (2009)

Under Blue Cover performed by CONNetic Dance(2009)

B- 1 (Beethoven’s First Symphony) performed by Ballet Theatre Company (2008)

Sisters performed by Ballet Theatre Company (2007)

Indochine performed by Miss Porters School (2005)

Dance Panels performed by Princeton Ballet School (1992)

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