M Theory 15 edited tighter Dancers Lisa Fitzgerald, Justine Sheedy, Brooke Wasserman in M-Theory in 2011


Dimensional Dance officially began in 2011. The first performance was at the Ted Hershey Dance Marathon in February of that year with the piece M-Theory Beyond String Theory under the name Dimensional Dance. The piece was created in consultation with Princeton University Professor Chiara Nappi, wife of physicist Ed Witten (who conceived of the idea M-theory).  Our second year Ruth Lewis created Wyeth for the Wadsworth Atheneum photographed above with Arien Wilkerson and Matisse Madden.  Photo by Rich Davis.



The mission of Dimensional Dance to educate and inspire audiences by introducing them to diverse forms of dance and to encourage all people to dance.  

Through our teaching artist workshops and residencies Dimensional Dance has taught hundreds of students how to express themselves through dance and choreography.


Inspired by the paintings of Giorgio Morandi- Eras in Essence. Dancers: Allison Pearsall, Kirsten Glaser, Matisse Madden, Elisa Wharton  Photo: Chris Noll