M Theory 15 edited tighter
Dancers Lisa Fitzgerald, Justine Sheedy, Brooke Wasserman in M-Theory in 2011

Dimensional Dance began in 2011 as Ruth Lewis needed professional dancers to perform her challenging science piece about string theory and M-theory.  The dancers came from various dance companies and colleges in the Hartford area.  The first performance was at the Ted Hershey Dance Festival.   M-Theory Beyond String Theory was choreographed to educate through dance. The piece was created in consultation with Princeton University Professor Chiara Nappi, wife of physicist Ed Witten (who conceived of the idea M-theory) to help elucidate the ideas.

Since then Dimensional Dance has educated audiences by bringing to life the paintings of Andrew Wyeth for the Wadsworth Atheneum, the sculptures of Antoine Louis Bayre for the Hill-Stead Museum, the painting of Barbara Grossman for Miss Porters School, and the paintings of Italian still life painter Giorgio Morandi for the dance history piece, Eras in Essence. 

All of the performers are adult professional dancers who live predominately in CT.

However, we do have some dancers who come from Boston, New York City, and Rhode Island who join us when the need arises. We are called Dimensional Dance as we have many dimensions or aspects to our style.  Some of the dancers have ballet backgrounds and others have modern dance ones.  The main characteristic is our willingness to work together harmoniously with a high calibre technique and commitment to our art form in our rehearsals and performances.

The Mission

The Mission of Dimensional Dance to educate and inspire through dance by Bringing Art to Life.


Inspired by the paintings of Giorgio Morandi- Eras in Essence. Dancers: Allison Pearsall, Kirsten Glaser, Matisse Madden, Elisa Wharton  Photo: Chris Noll