Professional Development

Ruth works with teachers, administrators and principals in her arts integration professional development workshops.  She leads participants in exploring learning through movement and choreography.  Her kinesthetic professional develop workshops are:

Ruth pointing

A Moving Experience: Making Abstract Science Concepts Concrete with Ruth Lewis

Workshop Description: Exploring science through movement helps students internalize and clarify challenging concepts. Through choreography strategies for elementary students, participants experience the process for kinesthetically understanding science curriculum (forces; sound; the water cycle; body systems; or the earth, moon, sun system). Join teaching artist, educator, and artistic director of Dimensional Dance, Ruth Lewis in this engaging movement workshop.

Dimension of Hope: Social Justice through Movement and Theater with Ruth Lewis and Alika Hope

Workshop Description:  Explore social justice themes through basic techniques in drama,  choreography, and song by studying the works of Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and Tupac Shakur. Participants will learn to energize their classes through arts integration strategies of choreographer teaching artist Ruth Lewis and theater teaching artistic Alika Hope.