Dimensional Dance will perform The Bible Story of Ruth on Saturday, June 24, 2023 at 7:00 pm at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Simsbury, CT.

Further details will be coming soon.

Past Performances

whole-souled women: The story of Prudence crandall and sarah Harris, April 10, 2022
Dimensional Dance at the 5×5 dance festival november 2021
The Stoning of the School- The opening seciton of Whole-Souled Women with Mollie Petrizzo, Pam Glauber, Cat Quinn, Alexia Bobrowski

Premiere September 26, 2021 Guilford Performing arts festival
Cecilia Davis and Matisse Madden in The Stoning of the School from Whole-Souled Women
April 22-May 2 Earth Week 2021: We Are All Connected Virtual Performance
The Ocean in One Drop which celebrates the beauty of the oceans premiered on Dimensional Dance’s Earth Day program. It is a duet by Dimensional Dance ballet dancer Matisse Madden and Dimensional Dance krump artist Jus Hues.

November 1, 2020 In-Studio Hartford, CT

Matisse Madden and Jus Hues in Krump & Swan

October 20, 2020 Virtual Online Sponsor the Ted Hershey Dance Marathon

September 19, 2020 Live Outdoors West Hartford, CT

Pam Glauber lifted in O Squared with Cat Quinn, Allison Pearsall, and Matisse Madden

November 21, 2019 Hartford, CT

Savage Henry and Matisse Madden in Fierce Like Frida

November 17, 2019 Hartford, CT

Allison Pearsall and Laurance Corbett in the Prudence Crandall Duet Choreography Ruth Lewis

November 4, 2019 West Hartford, CT

One Art with Katelin Maxwell, Megan Klamert, Taylor Smooke, Pam Glauber, Elisa Wharton, Choreography Elisa Wharton

November 3, 2019 Bloomfield, CT

O Squared last movement with Matisse Madden, Elisa Wharton, Katelin Maxwell, Jasmine, Allison Pearsall, Choreography Ruth Lewis

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Top photo- Laurance Corbette, Pam, Glauber, Gennaro Della Ragione

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