Women partnering in The Muses

Katie knee promenade

Katie Schenker and Jane Krantz execute a knee promenade

Photo by Andy Hart

Chloë, Jane and Elisa in The Muses choreographed by Ruth Lewis

pench w water mark

Katie Schenker in The Muses

Katie arabesque edited photo Andy Hart

Trio from The Muses

trioMatisse Madden, Katie Schenker, Kirsten Glaser Photo: Andy Hart

Congratulations on a wonderful performance of The Muses

The Muses w water mark

Kirsten Glaser, Elisa Wharton, Matisse Madden, Ruth Lewis (choreographer), Chloë Knopf, Jane Krantz, Katie Schenker

The stunning ballerina, Kirsten Glaser, will be performing with Dimensional Dance in The Muses on Saturday October 17 at 7:30 at St Joseph College, West Hartford, CT

Kirsten w water mark

Jane Krantz and Chloë Knopf rehearse The Muses at St Joseph College in preparation for the performance on Saturday Oct 17 at 7:30PM. We are second on the program.

Jane and Chloe leaping edited foot Defy Photography


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