Dimensional Dance will Perform The Muses at the 5×5 Dance Festiva, St Joseph College, West Hartford, CT

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Check out Dimensional Dance in The Muses!

Dimensional Dance to perform The Muses at the 5×5 Dance Festival St Joseph College Oct 16 & 17, 2015

pointed foot

The Muses Choreography: Ruth Lewis, Music: George Winston, painting: The Days: Thomas Dewing

the Muses

Dancers Arielle Solomon, Gabby Collins, Jane Krantz, Chloe Knopf, Katie Schenker

Photo Mason Paul

Duet of Katie and Victoria from The Muses

Katie and Victoria final

Dimensional Dance Summer Choreography Workshop- Learning the dance The Muses

all the muses

Katelin, Lavinia, Margot, Becky, Arielle, Gabby, Ruth, Jane, Chloe, Katie, Victoria

Photo Mason Paul

Dimensional Dance will Perform at the Charter Oak Cultural Center on April 11 at Ted Hershey

Fhi B-Ado, Kirsten Glaser, Samantha Govoni

Defy PhotographyDancersRehearsal_PorterDanceBarn_059


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