Performances and Tickets


Dimensional Dance will perform Live on Sunday, Nov. 1 at 2 p.m. at The 224 Ecospace, 224 Farmington Ave., Hartford, CT. Ticketing will be extremely limited due to Covid-19 CT state restrictions. To reserve your seat email

Dimensional Dance presents O Squared at the CDA National Day of Dance celebration. Dancers: Cat Quinn, Sharah Defoe, Allison Pearsall, Chloe Knopf, Pam Glauber

Dimensional Dance will be online performance with the Ted Hershey Dance Marathon on Oct 22, 2020.

Dimensional Dance Brian Syms in Quarantine in his apartment in May 2020

Due to Covid-19 our premiere of Prudence Crandall and Sarah Harris: Whole Souled Women has been posted until the fall of 2021. This project, set in the 1830s, is true story about Connecticut educator Prudence Crandall and Sarah Harris, one of her first students of color. These brave women risked their lives to advocate for racial justice and challenge the status quo of educational discrimination. 

Please contact the Ruth Lewis, our director, at about the show.


September 19, 2020 Live Outdoors West Hartford, CT

Pam Glauber lifted in O Squared with Cat Quinn, Allison Pearsall, and Matisse Madden

July 9, 2020 Virtually OnLine

One Art with Katelin Maxwell, Taylor Smooke, Megan Klamert, Pam Glauber, Elisa Wharton

November 21, 2019 Hartford, CT

Savage Henry and Matisse Madden in Fierce Like Frida

November 17, 2019 Hartford, CT

Laurence Corbett and Savage Henry in Ballet and Breakdance Battle

November 4, 2019 West Hartford, CT

One Art with Katelin Maxwell, Megan Klamert, Taylor Smooke, Pam Glauber, Elisa Wharton, Choreography Elisa Wharton

November 3, 2019 Bloomfield, CT

O Squared last movement with Matisse Madden, Elisa Wharton, Katelin Maxwell, Jasmine, Allison Pearsall, Choreography Ruth Lewis

November 2, 2019 West Hartford, CT

Matisse Madden and Savage Henry in Fierce Like Frida

October 31, 2019 Farmington, CT

Elisa Wharton, Taylor Smooke, Katelin Maxwell, Matisse Madden, Savana Jones, Allison Pearsall, Pam Glauber

September 25, 2019 Simsbury, CT

Matisse Madden and Pam Glauber in One Art graphed Elisa Wharton Photography

July 28, 2019 Farmington, CT

Eras in Essence-Romantic, classical and neo-classical ballet as well as modern dance

July 16, 2019 Manchester, CT

Tumbling Tiger

July 11, 2019 Old Saybrook, CT

Allison Pearsall and Elisa Wharton in Ode to Fosse

June 7, 2019 Middletown, CT

14 PW unison
 Savana Jones, Shelley Collock, Elisa Wharton, Allison Pearsall      Davis Photo

June 2, 2019 The Kate, Old Saybrook, CT

Matisse Madden as Frida Kahlo with Calvin Bittner and Henry Olivio
Elisa Wharton Photography

May 24, 2019 Hartford, CT

Calvin Bittner and Matisse Madden in Fierce Like Frida, Elisa Wharton Photography

May 16, 2019 Newington, CT

Shelley Collock and Allison Pearsall in Phenomenal Woman

May 9, 2019 West Hartford, CT

Pam Glauber was thrilled to perform at her daughter’s school

May 2, 2019 Hartford, CT

With students after the performance

April 25, 2019 Hartford, CT

Whisper section of jazz

April 4, 2019 East Hartford, CT

Director Ruth Lewis with Matisse Madden

February 14, 2018 East Hartford, CT

12 high leg
Elisa Wharton Davis Photo

December 6, 2018  West Hartford, CT

Matisse Madden, Pam Glauber, Shelley Collock in The Muses Davis Photo

November 29, 2019 Simsbury, CT

Dimensional Dancers in Ode to Fosse

November 15, 2018 New Britain, CT

15 eras - w o defy
Sandy Lungu, Matisse Madden, Allison Pearsall and Elisa Wharton in Eras in Essence

November 3 and 5, 2018 West Hartford, CT

Allison Pearsall and Shelley Collock in Phenomenal Woman