Teaching Artist Residencies

Director, Ruth Lewis is a teaching artist listed on the CT Teaching Artist Directory.  She teaches choreography and movement for experiential learning.  She was the recipient of the CT REGI Grant in 2016, 2017 and 2018 where she taught social justice at Simpson Waverly Community school  and Fred Wish Museum School with fellow teaching artist Alika Hope. The photo above was taken during the teaching artist collaborative We Rise: Social Justice through the Arts with teaching artist Alike Hope and Ruth Lewis.


Video of Social Justice Teaching Artist Collaborative:


Video of The Role of Courage in Obtaining Civil Rights:


Video of Science Themed Residency of Forces and Sound:


Central CT State University, New Britain, CT working with students in arts integration class .


Ruth teaches 4th graders at Martin School as part of Math and Choreography TAC funded by the State Department of Education May 2016

Ruth teaches 4th graders at Martin School as part of Math and Choreography TAC funded by the State Department of Education.


Fred Wish Museum School, Teaching Artist Collaborative  Moving Through Motion and Sound February-April 2016

Principia College, Elsah Illinois, Teaching Artist work with Next Generation Science Standards with college students in the Environmental Education Class February 2016

Simpson Waverly Community School 3rd grade We Rise-Social Justice Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou explored through choreography Jan/Feb 2016 TAC funded in part by the NEA, the Greater Hartford Arts Council, and the CT State Office of the Arts

Capital Preparatory Magnet School 4th Graders Moving Through Motion and Sound January 2016

Martin School, Manchester, CT Kindergarten and 4th graders, Math/Shades of Meaning/Movement April-June 2015

High School in the Community, New Haven observational assisting Physics/Latin/AP English/movement March/April 2015

Jack Jackter Elementary School, Colchester, CT, 5th graders The Role of Courage and Civil Disobedience in Obtaining Civil Rights History/language arts/Choreograpy January/February 2015

Environmental Science Magnet School at Mary Hooker, 4th/5th graders Science/Sound and Choreography November 2014

Simpson-Waverly Classical Magnet School, 5th grade Science/Sound and Choreography January 2015

Ruth and L'Ana at Alcott Elementary School Dec 2013

CT Teaching Artist, Ruth Lewis taught Motion and Sound through choreography and dance to these 4th and 5th graders at an elementary school in CT.